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About A Good Day Records

A Good Day Records, as the name suggested, is a record store that makes people feel good and relaxed. At A Good Day Records, we only sell the "Good records" that we made, and that's what make us different from other record stores. At the beginning, A Good Day Records was a record store. In 2003, We brought in indie labels from America and Europe, such as Siesta Records (Spain), Minty Fresh (USA), and Dreamy Records. (UK)

We worked closely with some of the most interesting little stores, such as cafés and Saloons. We provided iPods at those stores as "Scan and Listen" stations, let people listen to all of our music samples from those iPods before they buy. We established our virtual record store channel that way. In 2004, A Good Day Records transformed into a indie label, and started to promote Taiwanese original music and Taiwanese talented artists.

We started from the Duo "Natural Q", then we discovered the band "929", artist "Huang Jie". We planned and published "Wu Sheng Poems & Songs" album-featuring Taiwanese poet Wu Sheng's poetry and Taiwanese artists' original songs. We published other artists' work, including NyLas, and the well-known artists, CiaCia, and Ze' Hwang. We also published Cheer Chen and Crowd Lu's singles as publishing agent. • 2005 Natural Q's album "C’est La Vie" was nominated • for three awards for Golden Melody Awards–"Album of the year", "Best Producer" and "Best band." • 2008 "Wu Sheng Poems & Songs" was nominated for Grammy Award for Best Recording Package. • 2009 From the Album of "Wu Sheng Poems & Songs", Lin Sheng Xiang's song "Drying the Fields " was nominated for Golden Melody Awards for Best Single of the Year. • 2009 NyLas and their album "NyLas" was nominated for Golden Melody Awards Best Singing Group • Cheer Chen's single "Meaning of Travel" has sold over 20,000 copies, since A Good Day Records published the single in 2004.

In March 2010, A Good Day Records organized the first single stage, independent label festival-Lian Lian Kan Festival 2010. The festival combined music and movies, stringed through past, present and future. The original member of Natural Q reunited and performed at the festival. Ze' Hwang came back to the stage for the first time in many years. Ciacia, Huang Jie, Nylas, Wu Zhi Ning, rock band "We Save Strawberries", and an unusual project band "Smokering" are all in the festival lineup.

A Good Day Records has established themselves as the leading music label in Taiwan.


  • Naomichi Morioka said:

    Dear Mr/Mrs

    Hello. I’m writing from Japan. My name is Naomichi Morioka Japanese.
    My band, which is influenced by UK rock,post-rock and lots of type of music, has recorded stuffs and be proud of our works so that we’ve decided to send our demos to some domestic indie labels and overseas.

    We will be very happy if you listen our demo and give us any comments or advise that will be very useful.

    Band name: Takkyuno Rubber

    Demo on Youtube → http://youtu.be/7IaYjtxYMew

    Best regards,

    Naomichi Morioka

  • Salvador Mas said:

    GAS releases the first Spanish EP ever sung in Chinese language
    we are a band from Barcelona named GAS and we just released “Chinese Works”, our first EP with seven original songs sung in Chinese. We are not aware of any other native Spanish bands composing their own songs and singing them in Chinese and we though you may find our project interesting.

    You can listen to our songs here: http://gasmusica.com/chinese-works/

    You can also watch the video of one of them which already has more than 20.000 visits and a whole lot of positive comments coming from all over the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pqkuc-PQhM

    We hope you like them and look forward to your feedback. We’d also be more than happy to collaborate with you in some way.

    Thanks a lot for your attention.

    Salvador Mas

    P.S. In case you want to know more about our band, here is an interview we made for “Connexió Barcelona” a show from a local Barcelona TV channel http://youtu.be/BDvRQGDGmyk (you can activate English, Chinese and Spanish subtitles.)

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